Enterprise Data Analytics

Jortilles is the creator of Enterprise Data Analytics (EDA). The favorite analytics solution for business users. A robust and flexible solution that provides the most accessible user experience. Edaltics is EDA’s cloud service. With Edaltics you can enjoy the EDA experience without having to worry about anything.

Cloud and Ground Data

Hundreds of companies are migrating their data to the cloud for the flexibility and scalability it offers. But many others don’t need these features and value the control offered by storing information on their own servers.

Jortilles will help you design a data strategy that fits your needs.


ETL processes are the critical piece in any data architecture and are the determining factor in the success of any project. A good ETL design will allow to have the right data at the right time.

Jortilles is an Apache Hop partner and Pentaho Data Integration expert.

Your data is in the cloud and you have decided to follow an ELT strategy? We can also help you.


Visualization and access to information is the pinnacle of any data project. Jortilles is an expert in the development of user-friendly reports and dashboards. With extensive experience in reporting. We help you get the most out of your information.

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